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Environmentally Reshaping the Construction Industry  



   Groundwerks prides itself on offering you environment friendly construction processes.
    By saving you costly costruction times, we are also helping save the environment through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, landfill storage, waste storage, contamination restoration, and costly sludge issues.
   By utilizing GCI technologies, through stabilizing, immobilizing or conditioning, you are helping to maintain a healthy environmental prospective in the construction industry. Decreasing the amounts of carbon gas emissions, landfill costs and storage. Utilizing existing soil conditions, not to mention almost completely eliminating maintenance on your structures.
With the ability to combine our products into one complete structure, in a quicker manner, and a much more diversified way, creates a substantial savings towards our environment. Being able to utilize the existing soil conditions within your job site, paves the way for our Green Road Systems


Novocrete® Sub grades

Novocrete® is a natural binding agent for cement. Made of natural earth elements, it changes the molecular structure of the cement structure within the soil, creating a long fingering effect within the sub grade. This reaction, along with the addition of water for the hydration process, allows us to encapsulate contaminates within the sub grade without possibility of leaching. 
Our structures are applied to natural soil conditions, existing sub grade and asphalt or oil seal surfaces, as well as highly elastic soils and spring areas, creates a substantial reduction in construction time and transportation needs.
The structure eliminates the need for  an aggregated layer between the sub grade and wearing surface, as well as a significant reduction in the wearing course over the sub grade. 

All Concrete or cement structures created maintain a chromium 3 agent. This chromium 3 agent is harmful to the environment. Never the less it is a characteristic of concrete and cement. With the addition of our additive, Novocrete, into the structure, the Groundwerks process is completely inert. Free of any harmful agents with in the structure. No other soil cement process, to date can complete this process.


The increasing problem of tailing ponds, sludges, and containment soils are overwhelming. Storage sites are becoming full. Groundwerks sludge conditioning is an inexpensive, and easy way to help with the rising concerns. Through a simple process combined with our conditioner, sludges are easily transformed to powder form making them quite managable for transport and storage. This conditioning process locks contaminates into a non leaching particle form that can be added into our sub grade structures allowing stabilizing and immobilizing in one easy process. 
Ground contamination such as diesel and oil, can be detained in an easy process, utilizing the existing soil. this eliminates the need for storing the waste soil at a land fill area, and airing the soiling for the next 3 to five years. 


Landfills produce deadly toxic gases. Some landfills have been around from decades, and the toxins given off by them are harmful to the environment, as well as our health. Rain water , and snow also leak through landfills and allow contamination to enter to the soils and into our water systems as well. 
Groundwerks systems can completely cover existing landfill areas, with a water impermeable cap, and stabilize the areas around them. Allowing the deadly toxins to be directed to a desired area where they can be completely detained.

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