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Environmentally Reshaping the Construction Industry  

Green Road Systems

Savings in Time, Money and the Environment

Groundwerks offers ground breaking technologies that leave our clients with long lasting, maintenance free structures. Whether applied individually, or as a whole, each layer creates its own unique characteristics, that leave money in your pocket, and the earth a little healthier. 
Building structures that stand the test of time around the world, Groundwerks road systems withstand all that mother nature, and mankind brings. Through extreme freeze thaw cycles, extreme heat, flash flooding, hard to manage soil conditions, increasing traffic volumes and increasing weight loads. 
Utilizing contaminated soils , and sludges into our road systems, not only helps decrease waste management facilities, but saves time and money by immobilizing and stabilizing in one simple process. 

Sub Grade

With the addition of Novocrete®, a specialy designed binding agent, combined with cement, we are able to apply stabilized surfaces in practically any type of surface or terrain. Its unique characteristics are applied directly to virgin soils, existing surfaces, hard to manage soil conditions, or high erosion areas. Changing the characteristics of normal soil cement, and eliminating fly ash in its composition, it creates a highly flexible, extremely durable structure. 
These features eliminate fracturing throughout the sub grade. Thus eliminating potholing, cracking, immature failures and rutting.
Novocrete® can be applied to existing soil conditions, whether high water tables, spring areas , contaminated conditions, thus eliminating transportation and construction times and costs. 
Novocrete® sub grades create strengths far greater than any conventional methods, and is completely water and acid resistant. Not allowing the structure to break down under increasing weight loads. The creation of its wearability and flexibility completely eliminates the aggregated base, sub base layers between it and the wearing surface. As well as decreasing the amount of wearing surface above it. 

   Cost effective
Comparing Groundwerks unique Novocrete® layer in our Green Road System to conventional construction methods, is extremely apparent. Though many try to adapt a system as unique and versatile as ours, none can compare to the savings in every aspect of the construction industry

     Areas of Use
    Novocrete® sub grades can be used in any and all construction and waste treatment areas. Airports, Rail Lines, Container Yards, Roadways and Streets. Construction of new wharfages, and docking stations, lagoons, liners, construction of landfill areas and containing landfill areas. Erosion Control and Landslide areas. 

    Up to the Challenge
 Around the globe, Groundwerks and Novocrete® surfaces are being tested. Through every type of weather condition and soil conditon imaginable. Leaving a growing list of satisfied customers, amazed at how simple and effective there problems can be eliminated. 
Are you up for the challenge? Contact us today and give us your toughest challenge. 


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