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Sludge Conditioning




Sludge conditioning

Product description
CelloCrack® is a hydraulic special binder for conditioning sludges and muddy soils in special deep mining and tunnel construction. CelloCrack® is a special factory-produced binder for improving, granulating and conditioning fine-grained soils and sludges which are soft or liquid in character.
Soil granules produced using CelloCrack® can be loaded onto dumper trucks and transported as a loose bulk load without any problems. The treated material can be deposited at waste dumps and landfill sites without any problems.



Product advantages
CelloCrack® converts tough and cohesive sludges into pourable and sievable granulate bulk material with the following advantages: The possibility of dispensing wet and sticky moist masses is what actually makes the subsequent application steps possible

• Possibility of storage without any unpleasant odours
• Drying with a low energy outlay (intrinsic waste heat from process)
• Higher stability/shear strength in the case of landfill
• Ensures that it is possible to separate dry and wet waste
• Sievability of sludges and wet masses
• Preservation of nutrients and fertilisers

Areas of use
• Drilling sludges, construction site erosion sludges
• Oil sludges, faulty batches
• Harbour sludges, special waste
• Paper sludges, paper trash
• Stone grinding sludges
• Waste deposits
• Cement sludges, mineral sludges
• Iron/manganese sludges
• Metal hydroxide sludges
• Foul-smelling production waste (oil, fat, perfume)
• Sewage sludges, sewage works residual materials

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