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Environmentally Reshaping the Construction Industry  

An environmental solution for contaminated soils, and reconstructing virgin soils, or reconstructing sub-grades, base/sub-base structures, rail line stabilization and oil field leases.

Superior, cost effective and environmental solutions for all your construction needs        

Groundwerks Consulting Inc.
is a company dedicated to improving roadways, streets, rail line, oilfield leases and access roads. By way of reduced construction, maintenance and environmental processes. The GCI structures maintain strength far greater than normal primary construction methods. Maintaining a flexible, long lasting, maintenance free; road, sub-grade or lease site pad. Our structure is virtually dust free eliminating dust problems by 98% or greater.  By reducing the cost of your construction leaves your company the freedom to initiate your money savings into other aspects of your company, city or residential areas.

Our structure solves all issues concerning, contaminated soils, failed highway, roadway or municipal sites. Runways, access roads to leases, sag-d projects in hard to reach areas, waste cement, drilling mud, tailings, or sludges. As well GCI structure elimate landslides, washouts, and rip rap materials. Our process greatly if not completely controls premature cracking, potholing, frost heaves and spring failures. 

Groundwerks Consulting Inc. base is up to 36% stronger than normal construction methods, uses 34% less product than other stabilization methods, and supports the immobilization of harmful substances endangering the environment, such as , heavy metals and organic parameters, fixing them permanently in the new formed crystal structures.

Though soil stabilization is not a new process, Groundwerks Consulting Inc. process reduces or eliminates the high risk of premature cracking and potholing through its newly formed crystalline structure.  Offering an long term, virtually maintenance/dust free structure.  This structure is milled directly into existing surfaces, such as asphalt, oil seals, and top soils, unmanageable soils and contaminated soils. Eliminating the need for milling of asphalt; buying and transporting of new soil fills; transportation and storage of landfills; and the crushing, transporting and laying of new aggregate base. After the newly formed subgrade is constructed, within 48hours, a layer of asphalt, if required, needs only 25-30mm of asphalt need to be applied directly to the surface without aggregated base, subbase layer.


Groundwerks Consulting Inc 
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Immobilization, stabilization and roller compacted concrete seal can be done in one simple process.



Groundwerks Consulting Inc. is committed to bringing better roads, cheaper construction, and lower maintenance cost to the rural, governmental, municipal, and environmental communities. The added savings through the Groundwerks process, will help carry these sectors, through economic hardships and bring us a greener, better tomorrow.


Oil field and energy sectors  

 Transportation, construction, maintenance and storage of waste materials, is steadily a rising cost issue within the oil and energy sectors of today.

 Transporting your drilling wastes and waste cement to storage facilities, way a heavy toll on the costs of your well sites. By utilizing these wastes within our structures, the transportation and storage costs are reduced to a bare minimum. The contaminates are immobilized within the impermeable sub-grade with no risk of leaching.

Matting costs can reach astronomical levels in your hard to reach areas. Mats that are destroyed or irretrievable once the well site is complete is money thrown away which could be used to further advance or process the final stages of your site. Through the GCI structure, we can stabilize virtually any soil condition allowing you 365 day a year access to all your lease and access road areas. By reaching strengths as much as 4 times that of a primary highway, the size of the rig, amount of equipment, or amount of travel to these areas create a worry free long lasting structure.

Maintenance costs via access and lease sites can be equally as high. Paying for the mob/demob of equipment to and from the site, standby cost to have equipment on hand to maintain and move your drilling parts around, add up to costs better spent on new lease and access roads. Once GCI has constructed the structure on your roads, leases and sag-d pads, you have a maintenance free structure with your only worry being snow removal in the winter months. No need for spring and fall shutdowns as the structure is impermeable to water it maintains its strength through all seasons. No rutting occurs.

The GCI structure is a completely recyclable product. Once your well site is complete, and the lease needs to be reclaimed or abandoned, GCI remixes the structure around your teardrop or well all the particles within the structure, from waste products remain completely immobilized and the topsoil can be placed on top of the remix, which allows all vegetation and water to pass within the particles with any environmental issues.

GCI can engineer the lease pads, sag-d pads, or plant site to have all spills or water run offs allocated to one location without risk of having them soak into the soil, because of the impermeability of the structure. Our structure would be as if you were drilling on an asphalted parking lot.

Adding all these costs into one, GCI can in instances cut your well site cost by as much as 60-70%. GCI can increase your well site drilling capabilities buy almost as much. By reducing costs and increasing your well site profits a GCI structure makes the low oil prices a more affordable solution to all aspects of oil and energy sectors.


Highway, Rural, and City Sectors 

Highways maintain rising costs through milling of asphalt, sub-grade, sub-base and base reconstruction. GCI reduces these costs by up to 30%, by milling our product directly into the existing surfaces. Newly created sub-grades need no compacting what so ever. We maintain compaction and densities as our structure forms. With levels of up to 4 times that of a normal spec’d primary highway. The flexible, impermeable structure controls and eliminates any premature cracking or potholing. GCI structures do not breakdown the strengths with heavy traffic over time. By not allowing water to penetrate from below there is no “soft spots” created and frost heaves are virtually eliminated. Over the structure there is no need for aggregate base, sub-base to be added, the structure is simply oil sealed or a 25-30mm asphalt structure can be applied directly to it. Reducing the cost of crushing, and minimizing the final seal makes this a cost efficient process. The maintenance is brought to a bare minimum and lasts over 3 times the life of normal construction methods.

Municipalities and counties are continually maintaining roadways through spring failures and normal traffic breakdowns. By utilizing the GCI method we mill our product directly into the road surface creating a dust free environment and maintenance free structure. The cost savings of this construction with the GCI method can then be allocated to other means within the municipality.

In cities and towns, the street maintenance costs are reduced to virtually nothing. Old surfaces are also milled directly with our process with little overlay. Newly constructed streets, sub divisions and parking lots would be milled with our process into the sub grade with no little to none aggregate base required; then covered by a seal or asphalt layer.

Contaminated and Problem Soil sector

Oil, diesel, or other leaching problem areas are completely contained by the GCI methods. No need for transportation or land fill costs. Our lab and engineering department analyzes the contaminated soil samples and designs a cost effective building solution for all types of problem areas. Utilizing the existing soils saves you time and money by reducing the need for new landfill giving you a problem free area.

Environmental Advantages
By utilizing GCI technologies, through stabilizing, immobilizing or conditioning, you are helping to maintain a healthy environmental prospective in the construction industry. Decreasing the amounts of carbon gas emissions, landfill costs and storage. Utilizing existing soil conditions, not to mention almost completely eliminating maintenance on your structures.
With the ability to combine our products into one complete structure, in a quicker manner, and a much more diversified way, creates a substantial savings towards our environment. 


Groundwerks Consulting Inc. offers you the money saving environmental solutions with long term effects. We can construct your surface from the ground up. With construction equipment for landscaping, lagoons, roads, leases, walkways, plant sites. We have transportation equipment from highway tractors, gravel trailers, winch and picker trucks, and scissor necks, as well as storage vans. Engineers to design your ideas, labs to evaluate the most cost efficient durable structure that you require. Stabilizers and spreading units to complete your sub grade. 

We look forward to helping you reach your goals in whatever sector you may need.

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